Tigers save season: Run Home after Round 20


Welcome to The Run Home, where Foxfooty.com.au analyses every club’s remaining fixtures and tries to predict how the rest of the year will play out.

Let’s see how they will fair.

Let’s see how they will fare.

Video: @Geelong Cats

The Cats are one win away from locking up a top-four spot, but if they manage three more they will book a spot at the big dance in September on a 13-game winning streak — matching their run to begin 2011.

1. GEELONG CATS (15-4, 135.5%)

Fox Footy’s projection: 17.2 wins, finishing 1st

Remaining fixture difficulty: 15th-hardest


They’ve managed to pull off nine wins by less than two goals, which has hurt their percentage. If they go 3-0 they’re hosting a qualifying final, 2-1 and they’re staying in the top four, but 1-2 or worse and they’re very likely in an elimination final.

3. COLLINGWOOD (14-5, 106.2%)

Fox Footy’s projection: 15.15 wins, finishing 4th (on percentage)

Remaining fixture difficulty: 2nd-Hardest

Video: @Docker TV

With one of the easiest runs the Dockers’ top-four hopes aren’t totally shot. Beat the Bulldogs next game and 15 wins plus a draw is on the table. But lose against them and an elimination final is almost certain.

4. FREMANTLE (12-5, 120.6%)

Fox Footy’s projection: 14.3 wins, finishing 6th

Remaining fixture difficulty: 17th-hardest

Vide: @Richmond Tigers

Richmond fans can breathe a sigh of relief after finally winning a close one, bringing the Tigers back as our favourites for eighth. As long as they go 2-1 they could also pass an 0-3-finishing Carlton, so that’s another door that’s open.

9. RICHMOND (10-8-1, 114%)

Fox Footy’s projection: 12.35 wins, finishing 8th

Remaining fixture difficulty: 13th-hardest

Words:Max LaughtonProducer: Stefan Centofanti & Helen Simmons

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