'Penalised for having a big nose!' - UEFA president Ceferin not happy with offside rule

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UEFA president Aleksandr Ceferin says he is not happy with the current offside and handball rules.

The introduction of VAR into football has proved controversial, as many critics say reviews take too long and scrutinise incidents down to millimetres.

The head of European football's governing body is the latest to question the offside rule, as he believes some players can be unfairly punished.

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What did Ceferin say about the offside rule?

"At the start, VAR was too slow. Now, in European competition, it’s a lot quicker," Ceferin said to L'Equipe.

"The fact that there can be an offside by five millimetres is still an issue for me. You are penalised if you have a big nose or big feet.

What did Ceferin say about handballs?

Ceferin also has some questions about the current handball rule and says he has discussed the issue with ex-Real Madrid and Portugal star Figo.

"I have a problem with handballs. Nobody understands anything anymore. It should be clarified," he added.

"Figo told me the other day that if he was playing these days, if he didn’t know what to do with the ball, he would shoot at the defender’s hands."

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