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‘We’re up to 40 siblings now. But we expect maybe over 100’

Chrysta Bilton has written a book about her extraordinary upbringing, ‘A Normal Family: The Surprising Truth About My Crazy Childhood (And How I Discovered 35 New Siblings)’.

In the memoir, she talks about her mum, a lesbian, who went on a mission to find a man willing to donate their sperm. She comes across Jeffrey. They make an agreement, have children, and all is well… Or is it? Just how much does she know about the man she’s chosen to father her daughters?

Chrysta joined Jessica Creighton on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour to share her mind-blowing story and explain why she thinks it's important to embrace the family we have, in all the forms we find it.

Listen to the full interview on Woman’s Hour via BBC Sounds to hear more of the secrets Chrysta discovered about her family in adulthood.

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