Giada De Laurentiis Jokes She's Spending Her Couples Vacation on the Phone with Daughter Jade

The Food Network star is on a New York City trip with boyfriend Shane Farley

Photo: Giada DeLaurentiis/Instagram

Giada De Laurentiis is clearly missing her daughter Jade while she's away at camp!

On Thursday, she shared a hilarious Instagram video of herself gabbing away on the phone with her recent middle school grad, all while on a trip to New York City with boyfriend Shane Farley.

"Jade's at camp, so anytime she gets the chance to call, I pick it up," she says as she gestures to her phone and puts it to her ear.

In the caption, she hints at how much time she's been spending on mother-daughter calls instead of paying attention to Farley.

"Shane's really enjoying our trip, @shanefarley," she joked.

As Mungo Jerry's In the Summertime plays in the background, the playful clip follows the Food Network star as she walks along city piers, meanders park fountains and peers across at the Statue of Liberty — each frame capturing the phone pressed to her ear.

De Laurentiis and her daughter clearly have lots of catching up to do. In one shot, she gestures a talking hand at her iPhone and smiles at the camera.

Farley also posted a glimpse of their East Coast vacation on Thursday. On his Instagram Story, he shared a video of De Laurentiis relaxing on a pier lounge chair, panning to the water as Here Comes the Sun plays in the background. This time, the Simply Giada star swapped her phone for a coffee cup as she enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

Shane Farley/Instagram

Last month, De Laurentiis embarked on an Italian getaway with her family. While vacationing, Farley posted an Instagram photo of the pair, who have been dating for over six years. In the sweet snapshot, the two are posing together on a boat. The TV producer did not include a caption with his Instagram post, but he did tag the location as Castro, la Perla del Salento.

De Laurentiis also shared photos with her family, including an Instagram Story of the master Italian chef swimming and waving at the camera with Jade and the star's sister, Eloisa De Laurentiis, and their aunt, Raffaella De Laurentiis (aka Aunt Raffy).

Shane Farley/Instagram

While in Italy, De Laurentiis went on a search for the famous grandmothers who make handmade orecchiette pasta in Bari's alleyways, posting a video of her adventure.

Once she found the pasta-makers, De Laurentiis made some of the orecchiette herself with cheers of "Brava!" and applause from the grandmothers. The Rome-born foodie closed out her Italian culinary adventure by sharing snapshots of the process, including a photo of when she got her own bag of pasta to take with her.

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