Rosie O'Donnell Says Daughter Is 'Allowed to Express' Her Feelings After Vivienne Calls Childhood 'Not Normal'

"She's right to say that it wasn't a normal upbringing like all of her friends and it's okay," O'Donnell said in a video posted to TikTok Friday

Rosie O'Donnell seemingly understands where her daughter Vivienne is coming from.

In a follow-up TikTok video, the L Word: Generation Q actress, 60, clarified some of the humor she used in her previous TikTok video, in which she responded to daughter Vivienne's claims of not having a "normal" childhood.

"I knew what she was talking about," O'Donnell began. "It's not normal to have three lesbian mothers and have one of them be famous and get in a fight with the president for five years or more."

Continued the Roseanne actress: "She's right to say that it wasn't a normal upbringing like all of her friends and it's okay, you're allowed to express your feelings in our family, even if you do it online in a funny manner. I replied, I thought in a funny manner, saying I was going to tell all her secrets. But I don't have any secrets! She's a great kid, always has been."

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Vivienne first began to discuss her upbringing on TikTok after users replied to her previous "Story Time" videos, claiming her "parents did an amazing job keeping [her] out of the craziness of Hollywood" and that O'Donnell "kept things relatively norm" for her kids.

"I love all these comments about how Rosie kept my life 'normal.' No offense, Mom, that never happened. She just didn't really inform us, for really anything. I think that was more it because once I would find out, she'd be like, 'Vivi, come on, you know that. Like, you know that,' " the teenager shared.

Rosie O'Donnell/Tiktok

On Thursday, the comedian shared a video on TikTok in response to Vivienne, who told her TikTok followers earlier this week that while she is "incredibly thankful" for O'Donnell, "one thing she's not done is normal."

"Vivi, what do you mean I didn't do anything normal? I did normal things. I'm normal. I'm totally normal," O'Donnell said in the clip, before she joked about spilling her daughter's "secrets."

In addition to Vivienne, O'Donnell is also mom to Parker, 27, Chelsea, 24, Blake, 22, and 9-year-old daughter Dakota.

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