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Mariska Hargitay Condemns Potential Roe v. Wade Reversal: 'Disregard for Human Life'
The Law & Order: SVU star shared a long message to her Instagram followers on Friday calling the Supreme Court majority opinion draft "immoral" and "unethical"
Thousands Protest at Utah State Capitol Over Fundamental Right to Abortions: 'Our Lives Are at Stake'
Utah has a trigger law that if Roe v. Wade is reversed by the Supreme Court, an immediate ban on abortions will go into effect, with exceptions for rape, incest, and the health of the mother
Melania Trump Calls Anna Wintour Out for 'Biased' Decision to Put Jill Biden on Vogue's Cover
The former first lady said the Vogue editor-in-chief's bias was "obvious" in her first sit-down interview since leaving the White House on FOX & Friends Weekend
After Buffalo Mass Shooting, President Biden Condemns 'Hate-Fueled Domestic Terrorism'
"Any act of domestic terrorism, including an act perpetrated in the name of a repugnant white nationalist ideology, is antithetical to everything we stand for in America," Biden said
Michelle Obama Reflects on Leaked Abortion Opinion Draft by Supreme Court: 'We Don't Have to Stand Idly By'
"Even if we knew the courts were heading toward this day, it doesn't make the frustration, grief, and fear any less real," the former first lady said of the draft opinion overturning abortion access
Protests Erupt Across the Nation Ahead of Expected Roe v. Wade Reversal by Supreme Court
Hundreds of thousands joined Bans Off Our Bodies protests nationwide on Saturday after a "majority draft opinion" that would overturn the federal right to abortion was leaked by Politico

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Melania Trump Reportedly Ignored Vogue's Anna Wintour During 2016 Trump Tower Visit, Book Claims
Journalist Amy Odell's biography sheds new light on an alleged feud between the former first lady and the famed fashion editor
Hillary Clinton, Padma Lakshmi Slam Texas Governor's Statement on Baby Formula Shortage and Migrant Children
Clinton and Lakshmi weighed in after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott lambasted the Biden administration for provided baby formula to migrant infants
Stacey Abrams Says Voting Is the Best Way to Treat the Ills of Society: It 'Isn't Magic, It's Medicine'

The Democratic gubernatorial candidate told PEOPLE at CultureCon Atlanta 2022 that this mindset can help those who want to affect change but are discouraged by the state of politics today