NBA preseason and training camp 2022: Updated dates, schedules, Media Day interviews for all 30 teams

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Wait, is it already that time? Yes, a new NBA season is nearly here.

Ahead of the 2022-23 campaign, players are preparing for training camps and Media Days. They were finally able to enjoy a "normal" summer after multiple COVID-impacted seasons, but now they are back on a typical basketball calendar.

When will your favorite team report for training camp and play its first preseason game? You can find the full preseason schedules for all 30 teams below.

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NBA training camp, Media Day dates 2022

  • Sept. 23: Hawks and Wizards Media Days
  • Sept. 24: Training camps open for teams participating in games outside of North America (Bucks, Hawks, Warriors and Wizards)
  • Sept. 25: Bucks and Warriors Media Days
  • Sept. 26: All other Media Days
  • Sept. 27: All other training camps open

The Bucks, Hawks, Warriors and Wizards will kick off their training camps early because they are participating in overseas games. The remaining teams will open their training camps on Tuesday, Sept. 27.

Twenty-six of the league's 30 teams will hold their Media Days on Monday, Sept. 26, according to NBA insider Marc Stein. Media Days for the Bucks, Hawks, Warriors and Wizards will be held over the weekend.

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NBA preseason schedules 2022

(All times Eastern)
* Game played at neutral location

Atlanta Hawks

Oct. 6vs. Bucks*Noon
Oct. 8vs. Bucks*Noon
Oct. 12at Cavaliers7 p.m.
Oct. 14vs. Pelicans*8 p.m.

Boston Celtics

Oct. 2vs. Hornets1 p.m.
Oct. 5vs. Raptors7:30 p.m.
Oct. 7vs. Hornets*7:30 p.m.
Oct. 14vs. Raptors*7 p.m.

Brooklyn Nets

Oct. 3vs. 76ers7:30 p.m.
Oct. 6vs. Heat7:30 p.m.
Oct. 12at Bucks7:30 p.m.
Oct. 14at Timberwolves8 p.m.

Charlotte Hornets

Oct. 2at Celtics1 p.m.
Oct. 5vs. Pacers7 p.m.
Oct. 7vs. Celtics*7:30 p.m.
Oct. 10vs. Wizards7 p.m.
Oct. 12at 76ers7 p.m.

Chicago Bulls

Oct. 4vs. Pelicans9:30 p.m.
Oct. 7vs. Nuggets8 p.m.
Oct. 9at Raptors6 p.m.
Oct. 11vs. Bucks8 p.m.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Oct. 5at 76ers7 p.m.
Oct. 10vs. 76ers7 p.m.
Oct. 12vs. Hawks7 p.m.
Oct. 14at Magic7 p.m.

Dallas Mavericks

Oct. 5vs. Thunder*8 p.m.
Oct. 7vs. Magic8:30 p.m.
Oct. 14at Jazz9 p.m.

Denver Nuggets

Oct. 3vs. Thunder9 p.m.
Oct. 7at Bulls8 p.m.
Oct. 10vs. Suns9 p.m.
Oct. 12vs. Clippers*10:30 p.m.
Oct. 14at Warriors10 p.m.

Detroit Pistons

Oct. 4at Knicks7 p.m.
Oct. 7at Pelicans8 p.m.
Oct. 11vs. Thunder7 p.m.
Oct. 13vs. Grizzlies7 p.m.

Golden State Warriors

Sept. 30vs. Wizards*6 a.m.
Oct. 2vs. Wizards*1 a.m.
Oct. 9vs. Lakers8:30 p.m.
Oct. 11vs. Trail Blazers10 p.m.
Oct. 14vs. Nuggets10 p.m.

Houston Rockets

Oct. 2vs. Spurs7 p.m.
Oct. 7vs. Raptors8 p.m.
Oct. 10at Heat7:30 p.m.
Oct. 14at Pacers7 p.m.

Indiana Pacers

Oct. 5at Hornets7 p.m.
Oct. 7at Knicks7:30 p.m.
Oct. 12vs. Knicks7 p.m.
Oct. 14vs. Rockets7 p.m.

LA Clippers

Sept. 30vs. Maccabi Ra'anana*10 p.m.
Oct. 3vs. Trail Blazers*10:30 p.m.
Oct. 9vs. Timberwolves10:30 p.m.
Oct. 12vs. Nuggets*10:30 p.m.

Los Angeles Lakers

Oct. 3vs. Kings*10:30 p.m.
Oct. 5vs. Suns*10 p.m.
Oct. 6vs. Timberwolves*10 p.m.
Oct. 9at Warriors8:30 p.m.
Oct. 12vs. Timberwolves10 p.m.
Oct. 14at Kings10 p.m.

Memphis Grizzlies

Oct. 1at Bucks8 p.m.
Oct. 3vs. Magic8 p.m.
Oct. 7vs. Heat8 p.m.
Oct. 11at Magic7 p.m.
Oct. 13at Pistons7 p.m.

Miami Heat

Oct. 4vs. Timberwolves7:30 p.m.
Oct. 6at Nets7:30 p.m.
Oct. 7at Grizzlies8 p.m.
Oct. 10vs. Rockets7:30 p.m.
Oct. 12vs. Pelicans7:30 p.m.

Milwaukee Bucks

Oct. 1vs. Grizzlies8 p.m.
Oct. 6vs. Hawks*Noon
Oct. 8vs. Hawks*Noon
Oct. 11at Bulls8 p.m.
Oct. 12vs. Nets7:30 p.m.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Oct. 4at Heat7:30 p.m.
Oct. 6vs. Lakers*10 p.m.
Oct. 9at Clippers10:30 p.m.
Oct. 12at Lakers10 p.m.
Oct. 14vs. Nets8 p.m.

New Orleans Pelicans

Oct. 4at Bulls9:30 p.m.
Oct. 7vs. Pistons8 p.m.
Oct. 9at Spurs7 p.m.
Oct. 12at Heat7:30 p.m.
Oct. 14vs. Hawks*8 p.m.

New York Knicks

Oct. 4vs. Pistons7 p.m.
Oct. 7vs. Pacers7:30 p.m.
Oct. 12at Pacers7 p.m.
Oct. 14vs. Wizards7:30 p.m.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Oct. 3at Nuggets9 p.m.
Oct. 5vs. Mavericks*8 p.m.
Oct. 6vs. Adelaide 36ers8 p.m.
Oct. 9vs. Maccabi Ra'anana7 p.m.
Oct. 11at Pistons7 p.m.
Oct. 13at Spurs8 p.m.

Orlando Magic

Oct. 3at Grizzlies8 p.m.
Oct. 6at Spurs8 p.m.
Oct. 7at Mavericks8:30 p.m.
Oct. 11vs. Grizzlies7 p.m.
Oct. 14vs. Cavaliers7 p.m.

Philadelphia 76ers

Oct. 3at Nets7:30 p.m.
Oct. 5vs. Cavaliers7 p.m.
Oct. 10at Cavaliers7 p.m.
Oct. 12vs. Hornets7 p.m.

Phoenix Suns

Oct. 2vs. Adelaide 36ers10 p.m.
Oct. 5vs. Lakers*10 p.m.
Oct. 10at Nuggets9 p.m.
Oct. 12vs. Kings10 p.m.

Portland Trail Blazers

Oct. 3vs. Clippers*10:30 p.m.
Oct. 4vs. Jazz10 p.m.
Oct. 6vs. Maccabi Ra'anana9 p.m.
Oct. 9at Kings9 p.m.
Oct. 11at Warriors10 p.m.

Sacramento Kings

Oct. 3vs. Lakers*10:30 p.m.
Oct. 9vs. Trail Blazers9 p.m.
Oct. 12at Suns10 p.m.
Oct. 14vs. Lakers10 p.m.

San Antonio Spurs

Oct. 2at Rockets7 p.m.
Oct. 6vs. Magic8 p.m.
Oct. 9vs. Pelicans7 p.m.
Oct. 11at Jazz9 p.m.
Oct. 13vs. Thunder8 p.m.

Toronto Raptors

Oct. 2vs. Jazz*6 p.m.
Oct. 5at Celtics7:30 p.m.
Oct. 7at Rockets8 p.m.
Oct. 9vs. Bulls6 p.m.
Oct. 14vs. Celtics*7 p.m.

Utah Jazz

Oct. 2vs. Raptors*6 p.m.
Oct. 4at Trail Blazers10 p.m.
Oct. 11vs. Spurs9 p.m.
Oct. 14vs. Mavericks9 p.m.

Washington Wizards

Sept. 30vs. Warriors*6 a.m.
Oct. 2vs. Warriors*1 a.m.
Oct. 10at Hornets7 p.m.
Oct. 14at Knicks7:30 p.m.
Jordan Greer is an NBA content producer for The Sporting News.